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Score Advisor 樂譜顧問 - HK Phil COME FLY WITH CAPTAIN HAPPY GABBY跟小不點一起飛翔

Sept 28, 2019.jpg

Come fly the friendly skies on the HK Phil Airlines with Captain Happy Gabby! Jet off from Hong Kong to Germany, with a brief layover in Paris. Enjoy a light snack, inflight movies, and tons of fun during your trip. Join me, Captain Happy Gabby, and my crew on this "love at first flight" musical adventure.

The concert includes the world premiere of the Happy Gabby Animation.

歡迎大家乘搭港樂航班遨遊天際!機長Happy Gabby將接載指揮凌顯祐和大家由香港出發,到巴黎稍作停留,再啟程飛到德國去。請大家跟Happy Gabby和港樂一起,參加這段「一飛鍾情」音樂歷險!


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