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Saxophonist soloist / Sonata for Wind Orchestra - The Greater Bay by Hong Kong Festival Wind Orchestra 非常珠三角 大灣奏鳴曲

Sept 28, 2019.jpg


I. Great Bay Assembly Jian Gu : Huang ren SU

II Love Hong Kong’s Red-white-blue Reciter : Healthy Poon

III. How Charming is Zhujiang Narrator : Healthy Poon

IV.To Watch Macau with Dreamy Eyes Reciter : Healthy Poon

V. Travelling in the Pearl River Delta
Gao Hu : Lok Ting WONG

VI. Express Rail Link Toccata Percussion : Suk Fan CHOI, Ken CHAN, Phoebe CHAN, Rainbow LAU
Saxophone : Jacky LEUNG, Ken YUNG

VII.United As One Nan Yin : Healthy Poon
Pai gu : Huang ren SU
Gao Hu : Lok Ting WONG
Choir : Shantin Choir Troupe

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