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Saxophone Player - HK Phil NEW YEAR CELEBRATION 新年音樂會

Sept 28, 2019.jpg

Program :
WEBER : Invitation to the Dance
LOEWE : My Fair Lady: I Could Have Danced All Night
J. STRAUSS II : Tritsch-Tratsch Polka
Danhong WANG : My Motherland
KREISLER : Tambourin Chinois
LEHÁR : Gold and Silver Waltz
J. STRAUSS II : Thunder & Lightning Polka
SAINT-SAËNS : Samson and Delilah: excerpts
FU Renchang : Fantasy on "A Lovely Rose" for Guitar and Orchestra
John BRUNNING : Romances nos. 3 & 4 (World Premiere)Listen
RAVEL : Bolero

韋伯 : 《邀舞》
洛依 : 《窈窕淑女》:I Could Have Danced All Night
小約翰·史特勞斯 : 《喋喋不休》波爾卡
王丹紅 : 《我的祖國》
克萊斯勒 : 《中國花鼓》
里夏 : 《金銀》圓舞曲
小約翰·史特勞斯 : 《雷電》波爾卡
聖桑 : 《參孫與大利拉》選段
傅人長 : 《可愛的一朶玫瑰花幻想曲》
白寧 : 第三浪漫曲及第四浪漫曲(世界首演)聆聽
拉威爾 : 《波萊羅》

It’s nearly 2022 – and here at the HK Phil, we’re cracking open a bottle of musical champagne and serving up a sonic celebration banquet! We’ve got Viennese waltzes and sparkling polkas, stirring marches and beautiful love-songs. There’s Spanish passion, French elegance, British pageantry and of course a generous selection of Hong Kong favourites too. It’s all there for you to enjoy, stunningly performed by Principal Guest Conductor Yu Long and the HK Phil, plus our special guests – two of Hong Kong’s very finest vocalists, Yuki Ip and Samantha Chong, guitarist Xuefei Yang, and Yiwen Lu plays erhu. Join us, as we toast a new year with melodies that never get old.

Programme includes music by J. Strauss II, Saint-Saëns, Lehár, Ravel and others. This New Year’s concert promises to be a spectacular treat with Maestro Yu Long.



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