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Saxophone Player - HK Phil National Day Concert – Lio Kuokman – Butterfly Lovers – 國慶音樂會 – 廖國敏 – 梁祝

Sept 28, 2019.jpg

Program :

CHEN Qigang : The Five Elements
HE Zhanhao & CHEN Gang : Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto
MUSSORGSKY (orch. RAVEL) : Pictures at an Exhibition

陳其鋼 : 《五行》
何占豪與陳鋼 : 《梁祝》小提琴協奏曲
穆索斯基(拉威爾配器): 《圖畫展覽會》

Music spans continents and crosses centuries, but the stories it tells, and the emotions it creates, are eternal and universal. No music-lover in Hong Kong will need any introduction to the Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto featuring the acclaimed violinist Nancy Zhou. Every concertgoer in the West knows and cherishes one of the most famous Russian works at all times – Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition, orchestrated by Ravel. Under the baton of Lio Kuokman, these masterpieces will sound as fresh as new: the warm, tuneful heart of a concert filled with favourite melodies from East and West alike, played with passion, style and quite irresistible charm.


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