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Saxophone Player - HK Phil Christmas Fantasia 聖誕幻想曲

Sept 28, 2019.jpg

Program :
SUPPÉ : Light Cavalry Overture
FRANCK : Panis Angelicus
Steve HO : Christmas Express
BIZET : Carmen: Votre toast, je peux vous le rendre
TCHAIKOVSKY : Nutcracker excerpts
HANDEL : Messiah excerpts
FAURÉ : Cantique de Jean Racine
Joe HISAISHI : My Neighbour Totoro
ANDERSONA : Christmas Festival

蘇佩 : 《輕騎兵》序曲
法朗克 : 《天使之糧》
何崇志 : 《河邊有隻羊》
比才 : 《卡門》:鬥牛士之歌
柴可夫斯基 : 《胡桃夾子》選段
韓德爾 : 《彌賽亞》選段
佛瑞 : 《約翰拉辛的詩歌》
久石讓 : 《龍貓》
安德森 : 《聖誕佳節》

The holiday season has a sound all of its own. It’s the sound of joyful choirs and glittering delights; magical surprises and family favourites. Today the HK Phil welcomes two wonderful choirs, the HK Phil Chorus and The Hong Kong Children’s Choir, and the multitalented Apollo Wong, who will conduct and sing, to unwrap a stocking-full of Christmas gifts – musical sweeties from Tchaikovsky, timeless melodies from Handel’s Messiah, a musical visit from our neighbour Totoro, and tuneful treats from around the world, including all your favourite festive songs. And whether you’re 8 or 108, you’re guaranteed the very warmest of welcomes – because, like the spirit of the Season, music is for everyone.


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