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Saxophone player / Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra - Paddington Bear concert 柏靈頓熊首場音樂會

Sept 28, 2019.jpg

Program :

POULENCLes Animaux modèles

COPLANDThe Red Pony Suite: Happy Ending

Michael Bond’s charming stories about a bear with a taste for marmalade sandwiches has gone from story book to cartoon to the big screen, but in this charming musical tale, with a hugely attractive score by Herbert Chappell, the whole family can join in Paddington’s adventures. Poulenc’s delightful ballet score brings a whole host of animals – from ants and grasshoppers to lions and bears – to vivid musical life.



米高· 龐德筆下的小說角色柏靈頓,由童話故事書走上大銀幕,人見人愛。英國作曲家查培爾,就以音符重寫這個家傳戶曉的故事,精彩動聽。浦朗克出色的芭蕾舞劇作品,就以音樂把小至螞蟻、草蜢,大至獅子、熊人等各種動物,活現眼前!

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